Jesus Changes People In Ephesus

During this time in Ephesus, God was also using Paul to do miracles (289).  When his aprons & handkerchiefs were given to sick people, they were healed of their diseases & evil spirits were expelled from them.


There were some Jews who also tried to use the name of Jesus to expel evil spirits – saying, “In the name of Jesus, whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out.”

One time, seven brothers — who were the sons of a Jewish High Priest named Sceva — were attempting to minister in this way, to a man possessed by an evil spirit.  But the evil spirit said to them, “I know Jesus, & I know Paul, but who are you?” Then the evil spirit attacked them violently & overpowered them all.


They ran away — wounded & with their clothes torn off.  All the Jews & Gentiles who lived in Ephesus heard about this; they were all astonished & began to give the name of Jesus greater honor.

The Holy Spirit led many believers to begin confessing their sins publicly, as they testified how Jesus was changing them.  Many of those who had practiced magic even burned their “magic books” in public; altogether, they had paid fifty thousand silver coins for all those books.


So, through many such powerful demonstrations, the good news kept spreading & the church there kept growing stronger.

Subsequently, Paul began planning to travel through Greece, and then go on to Italy, before returning to Jerusalem. He sent Timothy & Erastus, two of his co-workers, to make ministry preparations in Greece, while he stayed a while longer in Ephesus.


(289) Acts 19:11-22