Encounter With Eutychus

As he was getting ready to sail home from Corinth to Syrian Antioch, Paul learned that the unbelieving Jews were plotting against him, again.  Prompted by the Holy Spirit, Paul decided to avoid that confrontation by taking a northern route home, through Macedonia (298).

Paul was accompanied by several friends: Sopater from Berea, Aristarchus & Secundus from Thessalonika, Gaius from Derbe, Tychicus & Trophimus from southern Turkey, and Paul’s protege,Timothy .  Some of these went ahead & waited in Troas, in northwestern Turkey. Paul & the others sailed from Philippi after the Jewish Festival of Unleavened Bread.  Five days later the entire party was reunited in Troas, where they stayed for a week.

On that Saturday evening, the body of believers gathered together for the fellowship meal & Paul taught his friends more about the work of God in Jesus Christ.  Since he was leaving the next day & he had a lot to say, he kept on speaking until midnight, by lamplight.

A young man named Eutychus was sitting in the window; as Paul kept talking, Eutychus kept getting sleepier & sleepier.  Finally, he fell sound asleep, and then he fell down to the ground from the third story window.

eutychus    011-paul-troas-miletus

When friends rushed to pick him up, they found him dead.

But Paul went downstairs & threw himself on Eutychus & hugged him. “Don’t worry,” said Paul, “he will live!”

eutychus 2    012-paul-troas-miletus

And he did!  Friends took the young man to his home; they were greatly comforted that he had been restored to life.

Paul went back upstairs, where he broke bread & ate with the believers.  Afterwards, Paul continued addressing the assembly until sunrise.  Then, he left Troas.

Some of Paul’s party sailed south along the western coast of Turkey, from Troas to Assos.  Paul went to Assos by land. When the entire party was reunited in Assos, they continued sailing south — first to Mitylene, then to Chios, then to Samos, then to Miletus.


(298) Acts 20:3b-15