The Mission To Rome Confirmed

Still strengthened by the Holy Spirit, Paul concluded his testimony (312).   “King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.  Instead, I declared — first to the Jews in Damascus, Jerusalem & all of Judea, and then to the Gentiles — that they should repent from their sins & turn to God, and that they should then practice what they professed to believe.

“Some Jews reacted by seizing me in the temple & trying to kill me. However, with God’s help, I continue to witness, to small & great alike.  I teach just what the prophets & Moses taught — that the Christ would suffer, that He would be the first to rise from the dead, and that he would proclaim light to the Jews & to the Gentiles.”

Festus, the Roman governor, interjected loudly, “Paul, your religious ideas are too complicated!  You sound like you’re crazy!”


Paul replied, “But I’m not crazy, most noble Festus.  I only speak words of truth & reason. King Agrippa knows of these things, I’m sure; none of them has been done secretly.

Turning to the king, Paul asked: “King Agrippa, do you believe what the prophets have said about the Christ? I’m sure you do believe.”  Agrippa replied, “You almost persuade me to become a Christian!”

Then Paul declared, “I pray to God that not only you, but also everyone who hears me today, might become just as I am, except for these chains.”

The king went aside to meet privately with the governor & Bernice & their counselors; they talked among themselves, saying, “This man is doing nothing deserving of death or chains.”


Finally, Agrippa said to Festus, “Paul might have been set free today, if he had not appealed to Caesar!”


(312) Acts 26:19-32