More From James’ Letter To Christian Friends

James made several more points in his letter to Christian friends who had been dispersed from Jerusalem to many different places (326).

  • Anytime we have an opportunity to counsel another person from the inspired scriptures, we must take great care to let the Spirit of God control what we say, how we say it & when we say it. Listen before speaking; love before judging.


  • We need always to remember that prayer is not giving orders; prayer is reporting for duty. Listen to God!
  • As we draw near to God, he draws near to us. Whenever we find ourselves involved in any ungodly thoughts or actions, we simply need to stop.  It’s not complicated.  Just stop it!  And God will draw near.


  • Whenever we find ourselves judging other people, we need to remember that God says, in effect: “You love ‘em, & I’ll judge ‘em.”
  • It’s OK to make plans, as long as we let God have the final say about those plans. (This is especially true for rich people, who are often tempted to think they have the means to implement any plans they may make.)
  • Be patient in waiting for Jesus to come back to the earth. Be prepared for Jesus to come back to the earth.
  • God hears the prayers of all who faithfully follow Jesus. Conversely, if we have not surrendered our lives to the absolute control of the Holy Spirit, God does not hear our prayers.


James concludes by reminding us that we all can help God redeem backsliding sisters & brothers in Christ, by pointing them back to Jesus.  Always remember that God always wants to use us in this way.


(326) James 3-5