Today Is The Day!

Hebrews is a letter of instruction & encouragement to Jewish or Hebrew Christians.  The letter is filled with inspired wisdom and is an inspiring witness for Jesus.

But there are certain things we don’t know about this letter:

  • We don’t know exactly who wrote it. It may have been written by Paul, or perhaps by Barnabas.
  • We don’t know exactly when it was written. It may have been written at this time, or perhaps several years later.
  • We don’t know to whom it was written. It may have been written to Jewish believers in Rome, or perhaps in Jerusalem, or perhaps in Cyrene in North Africa.

What we do know is that God has allowed this letter to be preserved for the encouragement & instruction of believers today.  This is how it begins (329).

The writer or the witness first emphasizes that God speaks to his created children, and that God speaks to us most powerfully through his son, Jesus.  It is through Jesus that we can best learn about God, hear from God & relate to God.


As God, Jesus is greater than all the angels in heaven.  As a man, Jesus was lower than the angels.

In an extended commentary on Psalm 95, the witness emphasizes that, as a man, Jesus was greater than Moses – who, till that time, was widely regarded as the greatest hero of the Jewish faith.


In that same commentary, the witness also emphasizes that the most important day for any Christian is today.

  • The past day when we first entered into salvation was undoubtedly important.
  • The future day when we will be taken to heaven is undoubtedly important.
  • But the present day — in which we show the world our faith in Jesus by the way we love other people – is the most important of all days. Only today, can our transformed lives give testimonies to the power of Jesus.



(329) Hebrews 1-3