A New Deal With God

The writer of the letter to Hebrews then encourages Jewish Christians to reconsider their relationship with God, in the light of Jesus (330).

We are warned against the danger of drifting away from God — by taking an occasional day off from being a witness for Jesus.

Drifting from God1

The sure way into eternal rest with God is to heed this warning: Christians never get a day off; God wants to guide us, every day.

To help us stay the course, God has graciously caused the inspired scriptures to be preserved – that we might learn & be encouraged to live every day for Jesus.


  • The word of God is living & powerful, the witness writes.
  • The word of God helps us know when we’re starting to drift away.
  • The word of God brings us back to the narrow way to heaven, marked out for us by the life & ministry of Jesus.

Jesus is our perfect high priest, the perfect bridge between man & God.  He is the way to everlasting salvation — for those who obey him (ie, for those who show their love for God by loving other people).

But for those who reject & refuse to obey Jesus, the warning could not be more chilling: they have effectively condemned themselves to hell.

Faithful believers openly confess that this life on earth is merely a passage to the life beyond; believers choose to live in the hope of heaven.

As our perfect high priest & king, Jesus offers us a perfect covenant – a new deal with God.

  • The old deal was that we had to rely upon ourselves to obey the law of Moses, which was the key to friendship with God.
  • The new deal is that we can rely on Jesus for the strength to live holy lives, which is the key to friendship with God.
  • Under the old covenant, bulls & goats were sacrificed to God; their blood compensated for the sins of God’s people.
  • Under the new covenant, Jesus was the perfect sacrifice to God; his blood cleansed the sins of God’s people.

Day in & day out, relying on Jesus involves these things:

  • Turning away from my sins & sinful tendencies,
  • Believing that Jesus satisfied God’s just demand for my punishment, and
  • Relying on the Holy Spirit in doing my job for Jesus — as the goal of my life from now on.

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(330) Hebrews 4-9