Fellowship & Faith

The writer of Hebrews concludes the letter to Jewish Christians by emphasizing the importance of fellowship & faith (331).

To help us stay the course marked out for us by Jesus, God has also graciously blessed us with Christian fellowship as members of the body of Christ.


  • Fellowship provides us with encouragement & love.
  • Fellowship allows us to learn from spiritually mature Christians.
  • Fellowship helps us discern false teachings.
  • Fellowship prepares us for Christ’s return.

Faith is the key to Christian living.  Faith is belief in God’s perfect plan for us, even when we don’t understand that plan or see how he’s going to accomplish that plan.

The witness to the Hebrews lists many different examples of godly faith from the inspired scriptures – Abel, Noah, Jacob, Moses & many others.  They did not receive all that God promised in this life.  Yet they still believed in all that God promised, and they are with him now & forever in heaven.


Some heroes of the Christian faith accomplished great things for God; other heroes of the Christian faith freely died for God, believing in the hope of a better life.  God’s promise of a better life is for all believers.

The witness warns again against slipping back into sin.  Each of us is more inclined to some sins than others.  So we must guard against the sins that most easily trip us up.

Because God loves us & wants us to be victorious over sin, he disciplines us when we do sin.  God wants us to learn from our mistakes; he wants us to grow up spiritually.


So we must be careful always to listen to God, never to turn him off.  Loving other people – no matter how strange or repulsive to our flesh they may be – is the key to keeping our spirits tuned into God.


(331) Hebrews 10-13