Doing Their Jobs For Jesus: Peter & Mark

From various clues in the inspired scriptures, we can piece together certain key events in the life of Mark:

  • John Mark was a son of Mary, a woman whose home in Jerusalem was a meeting place for the followers of Jesus (Acts 12).
  • Mark went with Paul & Barnabas on their first mission trip to Turkish Antioch (Acts 12), but he later turned back to Jerusalem (Acts 13).

john mark

  • Mark wanted to go with Paul on his second mission trip, but Paul refused. So Mark went with Barnabas to Cyprus (Acts 15).
  • About 10 years later, Mark was reunited with Paul in Rome (Colossians 4 & Philemon).
  • As he neared the end of his life, Paul wanted Mark to return to him in Rome (2 Timothy 4).

At about this time, perhaps 35 years after Jesus had returned to heaven from earth, Peter was also in Rome — awaiting execution for the crime of being a Christian.  (Several early church leaders record that Peter was singled out for execution because of his leadership role in the church at Rome.)

Possibly, it was at this time that the Holy Spirit inspired Peter & Mark to record their testimony of the good news of Jesus, which we know as the Gospel of Mark (335).


However, many contemporary Bible students date Mark’s gospel narrative much earlier & view it as the basis for subsequent gospel narratives.

Precise dating of the document is difficult, but it remains as a significant means by which the Holy Spirit helped Peter & Mark do their jobs for Jesus.


(335) This testimony is incorporated into previous posts on this site.