Soon after the writing of his last letter, Peter went home to heaven — by means of execution at the hands of the Roman government.

About the same time, Paul was re-incarcerated in Rome, where he eventually met a similar end to his earthly life.  While awaiting execution, Paul also wrote his second letter to Timothy (337).

Paul began by giving thanks to God for Timothy’s faithful service to the believers in Ephesus, Turkey.  The main aim of the letter was to encourage Timothy.  Paul wrote that the young church leader would continue to find in Jesus all the power, love & self-control that he would need for his ministry.

  • As a soldier of Christ, Timothy was reminded to fight for the glory of his commander.
  • As an athlete for Christ, Timothy was reminded to run his race according to God’s plan.
  • As a farmer for Christ, Timothy was reminded that he would be blessed by God for the harvest of souls in Ephesus.


Accurately teaching the truths of the inspired scriptures would continue to be of fundamental importance in Timothy’s ministry, Paul said.  So-called teachers who distorted the truths of scriptures would continue to be a great danger to the body of Christ.

As a clean serving dish is used to serve nourishing food, Timothy was reminded to remain unstained by the sins of the world, in order to be effectively used by God to nourish the Ephesian believers with God’s truth.

However, such service would never be easy, because there is so much evil in the world; as always, the world would continue to persecute faithful followers of Jesus.

But Paul again urged Timothy to stay focused on teaching God’s truth from the inspired scriptures – which are ever useful for correcting wrong living & for guiding believers in right living.


Paul closed his last letter with a strong sense of having run his race in accord with God’s will for his earthly life, and a strong sense of assurance that he would soon enter into heavenly life.


(337) 2 Timothy 1-4