John The Witness

Various traditions suggest that all but one of the thirteen principal witnesses were eventually executed for doing the job that Jesus had given them.  That job was to take the good news about Jesus to the ends of the earth.

Their obedience to this command is indicated by the supposed places of their physical deaths:

  • Israel (James)
  • Italy (Peter & Paul)
  • Turkey (Philip)
  • Greece (Andrew)
  • Armenia (Bartholomew or Nathanael)
  • Ethiopia (Matthew)
  • India (Thomas)
  • Egypt (James, son of Alphaeus)
  • Iran (Thaddaeus or Lebbaeus or Judas, and Simon the Patriot)
  • Georgia (Matthias)


Only John is believed to have died from natural causes, in Greece.  During the last 10 years of his long life, perhaps 60 or 70 years after Jesus had returned to heaven, John wrote his personal account of the life & ministry of Jesus, three letters to Christian friends, and the visionary revelation of the end of the world which he received from Jesus.

John’s testimony of the good news of Jesus (339) is quite different from the other three gospel testimonies.

  • John’s gospel has a deeply spiritual tone, expressly aimed at inspiring faith in the divine power of Jesus.
  • John places more emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit of God & Jesus in the lives of believers.


  • And he places more emphasis on the idea that we show our love for God by loving each other.


(339) John’s testimony about Jesus is incorporated in previous posts on this site.