John’s Letters To Specific Christian Friends

John’s second letter may have been written to an individual believer, or to an individual church (341).  Possibly, ongoing persecution of Christians led John to address this short letter in code (so to speak), so that no one would experience greater persecution because of it.

John expressed gratitude that some believers were demonstrating love for God by loving other people.  But he again insisted that loving other people is God’s expectation for all believers.

His main message in this short letter was that it is vitally important for all believers to focus their lives on this one basic command, this one idea: Love people in order to show our love for God.


John also wrote a short note to commend a believer named Gaius for serving other Christians in love (342).  Gaius was reported to be living his faith as Jesus had commanded!


John then contrasted two other members of that local church.

  • Diotrephes seemed to think that the church existed for his personal glory & not for God’s glory.
  • Demetrius, on the other hand, was apparently living his life for God’s glory.

John urged Gaius to imitate people like Demetrius, and not people like Diotrephes.

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(342) 3 John