The Kingdom Of God Is Near!

Afterward, Jesus left Samaria and continued on to the area around the Galilean lake (33). He knew that a prophet is typically not respected in his own country. But when he arrived in Galilee, people actually welcomed him! They had gone to the Passover Festival in Jerusalem and had seen the amazing things that Jesus had done during the festival.

Then Jesus went back to Cana (where he had turned the water into wine).  There, a government official met him, asking Jesus to go to his home in Capernaum & heal his son, who was dying. “Sir,” begged the official, “please come with me before my child dies.”

Jesus knew that something miraculous was necessary to lead this man to life-changing faith in God.  So he promised him, “Your son will live.”  The official trusted Jesus & went home!


On the way his servants met him & told him, “Your boy is going to live!” The official asked them what time his son got better, and they said, “At one o’clock yesterday afternoon the fever left him.” The father remembered that it was at that very hour when Jesus had told him that his son would live! So he and all his family began to trust in Jesus.

Jesus did not settle in Nazareth, his boyhood home. Instead, he went to live in Capernaum, a town by the Galilean lake, in the region of Zebulun and Naphtali. (This made true what the prophet Isaiah had said, “Land of Zebulun and land of Naphtali, on the road to the sea, on the other side of the Jordan, Galilee, land of the Gentiles! The people who live in darkness will see a great light. On those who live in the dark land of death, light will shine.”)

From that time Jesus began to preach this message: “Stop sinning, because the kingdom of God is near!”


Jesus wanted people to serve God as king of their lives.  The power of the Holy Spirit was with him. The news about him spread throughout all that territory. He taught in the synagogues and was praised by everyone.


(33) Matthew 4:13-17, Mark 1:15, Luke 4:14-15, John 4:43-54