The Mountain: Judgment & Discernment

Jesus then distinguished judgment from discernment (50):

Don’t judge other people. God will judge you the same way you judge other people.

So don’t criticize a splinter in your friend’s eye, when you’ve got a log in your own eye! That’s hypocritical.

Judge 1

Instead, take the log out of your eye (ie, judge yourself according to God’s standards). Then you’ll be able to help your friend deal with the splinter in his eye (ie, show your love for God by loving your friend).

Judge 2

Discernment is different than judgment.  Don’t give God’s holiness to dogs; they will only turn and attack you. Don’t throw God’s pearls in front of pigs; they will only trample them underfoot.


God expects you to learn to discern the enemies of God.


(50) Matthew 7:1-6