Jesus & God Are One

The Jewish religious leaders began to challenge Jesus, because he had healed a man on the Sabbath (60). Jesus answered them, “God my father works every day, so I must work every day.”

The religious leaders understood that when Jesus claimed to be God’s son, he was claiming to have power equal to God!


The religious leaders were determined to resist any connection between Jesus & God. They saw right away that, as God’s Son, Jesus would have more power than they did!

But Jesus insisted that his power & authority were really from God: “I can’t do anything on my own,” he said.  “I can only do what I see God my father doing. What God does, I must also do. God loves me & shows me everything that he is doing.

“Soon, God will give me even greater things to do than this healing miracle, and you will all be even more amazed. Just as God raises the dead and gives them life, so I will give life to whomever I choose!

“God has also given me the right to judge all people. God wants all people to honor me, just as they honor him.  Anyone — who doesn’t honor me — doesn’t honor God who sent me.  But anyone — who receives me as God’s son — has already received new life that will continue in heaven forever, even after physical death. That person will not be judged; that person will have already passed from death to life.

“From now on, when spiritually dead people hear my voice, they will begin to experience spiritual life. Just as God is the source of all life, so I am the source of all spiritual life.

christ in me

“God has given me the right to judge all people, because I am his son.  Don’t be surprised about all this. One day even physically dead people will hear my voice & rise from their graves to be judged:

  • People — who lived their natural lives in obedience to God — will have new life that will continue in heaven forever.
  • People — who lived their natural lives in disobedience to God — will be condemned to a horrible existence that will continue in hell forever.

“I can do nothing apart from God’s authority. I judge only as God tells me. So my judgment is right, because I judge only in accordance with God’s perfect will!”


(60) John 5:16-30