The Mission: His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Jesus continued preparing his students to go out as his witnesses (79):

If they say I am controlled by Satan, they will say worse things about you.  But don’t be afraid of people who say such things. Their evil deeds do not escape God’s notice; they will be judged by God.


Your job is to continue spreading my message, everywhere you go.  Don’t be concerned about those who can only destroy your body; rather give your highest respect & honor to God, who has power to condemn both your body and your soul to hell.

Sparrows seem insignificant, yet not one sparrow falls to the ground without God’s consent. In the same way, God is aware of everything that you’re going through; he’s even aware of every hair on your head!  You are more important to God than many sparrows.


If you declare publicly that you belong to me, I will do the same for you before God in heaven. But if you reject me publicly, I will reject you before God in heaven.


(79) Matthew 10:25-33