More Food For The Flesh

Not long afterward another large crowd came & stayed with Jesus out in the countryside (94).

After three days, Jesus called his chosen witnesses to him and said, “I’m concerned about these people.  They have been with me for three days, and some of them have come a long way.  Now they have nothing left to eat. If I send them home without feeding them, they may faint along the way.”

His students asked him, “Where in this deserted place can anyone find enough food to feed all these people?” “How much bread do you have?” Jesus asked. “Seven loaves,” they answered.

He gave orders for the crowd to sit down on the ground. Then he took the seven loaves, gave thanks to God, broke them, and gave them to his students to distribute to the crowd.


They also had a few small fish. Jesus gave thanks for these and told his students to distribute them, too.


Everybody there — about four thousand men, plus the women & children — got enough to eat! When Jesus’ students collected the leftovers, there were seven baskets full!

Afterwards, Jesus sent the people away.  Then he got into a boat with his students and went to the area known as Magdala or Dalmanutha.


(94) Matthew 15:32-39, Mark 8:1-10