The Eyes Of Faith

Jesus & his students came to the village of Bethsaida, north of Galilee, where some people brought a blind man to Jesus and begged him to touch him (96).

Jesus wanted to leave an illustration for his students to understand that their eyes of faith were being opened gradually to see the greatness of God.

So he took the blind man by the hand and, accompanied by his students, led him away to a private place outside the village. After applying saliva to the man’s eyes, Jesus placed his hands on him and asked, “Do you see anything?” The man looked up and said, “Yes, I see people, but they look like trees walking around.”


Jesus again placed his hands on the man’s eyes. Then the man saw everything clearly! Jesus told the man to go directly home, and not to go back into the village of Bethsaida.


Then Jesus & his students continued on their way through the countryside, and Jesus continued teaching them more about God as they went.


(96) Mark 8:22-26