Brothers Not Brothers

After this, Jesus returned to Galilee (105).  He didn’t want to travel openly in Judea, because he knew that some of the Jewish authorities there wanted to kill him.

The time for the Jewish Festival of Booths was near.  During this annual festival, many faithful Jews made booths from branches on their roofs, and devoted themselves to extended periods of prayer & praise to God in those booths.


Jesus’ brothers told him he should go to Jerusalem for the big festival.  “Go to Judea, so your followers will see the things that you do. No one hides what he does if he wants to be well known. Since you insist on doing all these things, let the whole world know about you!” (At this time, his brothers didn’t really believe that Jesus was the Messiah.)


Jesus said to them, “This isn’t the right time for me to go to Jerusalem, but it’s alright for you. People don’t hate you, but they hate me because I keep telling them that they are sinning against God. So you go on to the festival. I’m not going with you, because this isn’t the right time for me.” So Jesus’ brothers left him & went to Jerusalem.

But after his brothers had gone, Jesus went to the festival, too, but by a different route so he wouldn’t be noticed.

In Jerusalem, the Jewish authorities were looking for Jesus at the festival.  People’s opinions of him were divided.  “He is a good man,” some people said, but others said, “He’s scamming people.”  However, most people shared their opinions privately; people didn’t talk about Jesus openly, because they were afraid of punishment by the local Jewish authorities.


(105) John 7:1-13