Who’s Your Daddy?

Some of the Pharisees who heard Jesus teaching began to believe in him (112).  But then Jesus said to them, “You are really my friends, only if you obey my teaching.  The more you know the truth about God, the more you will be set free.”

Those who had been inclined to believe Jesus missed the point & were offended by this statement. “We’re descendants of Abraham,” they said indignantly. “We’ve never been anyone’s slaves. What do you mean when you tell us we’ll be set free?”

Jesus answered, “Good question.  I understand that you are Abraham’s descendants. But you must understand that anyone-who-sins is a slave of sin.


“A slave isn’t really part of a family, but a son belongs to a family forever. Since I am God’s son, if I set you free from your slavery to sin, then you will be truly free forever.”

Then Jesus turned the tables: “Because you do not accept my teaching, you have decided to kill me. I teach you what God has shown me, but you do what your father has shown you.”

“Our father is Abraham,” the Pharisees replied. “If you really were Abraham’s children,” said Jesus, “you would do the same things that he did. All I have ever done is to tell you the truth I received from God, yet you are trying to kill me. Abraham never did anything like this. You are doing what your father did.”

“God himself is the only father we have,” the Pharisees answered, “and we are his true sons.” Jesus said to them, “If God really was your father, you would love me, because I came from God to be here with you. I didn’t come just because I wanted to; God sent me.

“You don’t understand me because you don’t want to understand me. You are the children of your father, Satan, and you want to do whatever he commands. But Satan has always been a murderer and a liar; there is no truth in him.


“When Satan tells a lie, he’s only doing what comes natural, because he is a liar by nature.  What’s more, Satan is the source of all lies.”


(112) John 8:30-44