Knowing Is Obeying

The Pharisees were increasingly desperate to discredit Jesus, because he kept questioning their relationship with God (113).

Still speaking with some Pharisees in the temple, Jesus encouraged them to be more open to the truth about God: “It’s actually because I tell you the truth about God that you have chosen not to believe me. Yet you cannot prove that I’m guilty of any sin.  So if I tell you the truth about God, then why not believe me?”

But knowing the stubborn hearts of the Pharisees, Jesus added: “Anyone who comes from God pays close attention to God’s words. But you won’t pay attention to God, because you are not from God.”

Angry Pharisees lashed back at Jesus, “We always knew that you have an evil spirit in you!”


“I have no evil spirit,” Jesus insisted. “I simply honor God, but you dishonor me. I’m not seeking honor for myself. But God wants you to honor me and God is pleased when you honor me.”

Then Jesus added, “Anyone who obeys my teaching will never die.”

Again the Pharisees lashed back: “That proves you have an evil spirit! Abraham died, and the prophets died, yet you say that whoever obeys your teaching will never die. Our father Abraham died; do you claim to be greater than Abraham? And the prophets also died; do you claim to be greater than them?  Who do you think you are?”

Again Jesus answered, “If I honored myself, that honor would be worth nothing. The one who honors me is God — the very God you claim to honor. You do not really know God, but I do know God. If I said I didn’t know him, I would be a liar like you. But I know God, and I obey God.

Jesus then declared, “Your father Abraham rejoiced when he saw me coming into the world.”

The Pharisees responded indignantly, “You are not even fifty years old — and you say you’ve seen Abraham?”

To which Jesus replied. “Before Abraham was born, ‘I Am’.”


In mounting frustration & anger, some Pharisees picked up stones to throw at Jesus; they wanted him  dead!  But Jesus simply slipped away from the temple through the crowd that had gathered there.


(113) John 8:45-59