The Weaker Man

Jesus continued teaching the crowds (125).  “Any of you who are not working for me are actually working against me.  Any of you who do not help me gather people into God’s family are actually keeping people out of God’s family.

“See how easy it is to fall into this trap!  When an evil spirit goes out of a person, it travels about looking for a place to rest. When it can’t find one, it says, ‘I will return to the person I came from.’ So the evil spirit returns and finds the person apparently clean & all fixed up.

“Then that evil spirit brings seven worse spirits, and they all come and invade that person. In the end, that person is in much worse shape than he was in the beginning. This is what will happen to the evil people of this day – the people who trust themselves for deliverance, instead of trusting God for deliverance.”


When Jesus had said this, a woman spoke up from the crowd and said to him, “How happy your mother must be to have such an amazing son!” But Jesus answered, “The only people who are truly happy are those who hear the word of God & obey it.”

Other people in the crowd wanted to trip Jesus up, so they asked him to do a miracle — to prove that God approved of him.  As the people crowded around him, Jesus told them, “You will get no miracle, except the miracle of the prophet Jonah. As he was a sign, pointing the people of Nineveh back to God, so I am a sign for you. On the day of judgment, the people of Nineveh will stand up & accuse you, because they repented & turned from their sins when they heard Jonah preach.


“I have been given greater authority than Jonah, yet you will not repent.

“Also on the day of judgment, the Queen of Sheba will stand up & accuse you, because she traveled all the way from her country to listen to King Solomon’s wise teaching.


“I offer greater wisdom than Solomon, yet you will not repent.”

Jesus then fixed his attention on his students & re-emphasized the importance of sharing God’s message with other people.  “Does anyone ever put his lamp under a bowl or under the bed? Doesn’t he put it on the lamp-stand, so people can see in its light?”


Jesus concluded: “What you see is what you are.  If you keep your eyes on God, you’ll be filled with his light, and your light will show others the way to God.  But if you don’t keep your eyes on God, you’ll be in the dark.”


(125) Luke 11:23-36