Charges Against The Church

When Jesus had finished teaching, a Pharisee invited him to dinner, and Jesus accepted (126). When his host was offended that Jesus didn’t wash before eating, Jesus said to him, “You Pharisees are very careful to keep clean on the outside, but inside your hearts are dirty.  This offends God, who made you to bring him glory — both outside & inside .


“Giving to the poor can help your hearts become clean. But you have to be be careful how you give.  Too often you give the minimum tenth of little things like herbs, and you neglect to give other people the big things like justice & God’s love. Freely give the big things as well as the little things.

“And don’t be so caught up in having reserved seats in the synagogues.  Don’t measure your importance by being greeted with respect in the marketplaces. When you focus on those things, you may think you’re guiding people toward God.  But you’re actually turning them away from God, without even realizing it!”


One of the teachers of the law of Moses said to Jesus, “Teacher, would you offend us, too?” Jesus answered, “But you, too, have offended God!  You impose strict religious duties on people, and you won’t lift a finger to help them perform those duties.

“God has another charge against you. You build fine tombs for the prophets, but you reject the teachings of those same prophets — just like your ancestors who murdered them.  So God was talking about you when he said in the inspired scriptures, ‘I will send them prophets & messengers; they will kill some of them & persecute others.’

“Ultimately, you will be punished for the murder of all the prophets killed since the creation of the world — from the murder of Abel to the murder of Zechariah, who was actually killed in God’s Temple!

“And God has yet another charge against you.  You have the law of Moses, the key that opens the door to knowing God.  But you refuse to know God, and so you prevent others from knowing Him, too.”


After that, the teachers of the law & the Pharisees increased their bitter criticism of Jesus.  They were always asking him questions, hoping to catch him saying something wrong.  They wanted to turn the tables & bring charges against Jesus!


(126)  Luke 11:37-54