Letting Go Of This World

Jesus continued reviewing with his students  some basic lessons about trusting God for provision (129):

Don’t worry about the food and drink you need in order to stay alive, or about clothes for your body. Your life is more important than food.  Your body is more important than clothes.

Ravens are a great illustration of how God provides for our needs.  Ravens don’t plant seeds, and they don’t gather a harvest & put it in barns.  But God takes care of them, and you are much more important to God than ravens.   If you can’t accomplish a small thing – like increasing your life on earth for even a moment – then why waste your time worrying about anything?

Wild flowers are another great illustration of how God provides for our needs.


Wild flowers don’t work or make clothes for themselves. But even the great King Solomon, with all his wealth, was not clothed as beautifully as flowers.  God clothes the wild flowers, which are here today and gone tomorrow. And you are much more important to God than wild flowers.

Have more faith in God! Don’t worry about your food & drink & clothes, like the pagans do.  God knows you need all these things. Instead, focus on the kingdom of God and what he requires of you.  He will provide you with all the things you truly need.  Don’t worry!  God wants you to be part of his kingdom forever.


And don’t focus on building up your worldly wealth, because it won’t last.  Instead, try selling all your worldly possessions and giving the money to the poor.

Focus on building up your rewards in heaven; no thief can touch them there, and no moth can destroy them there, so they will last forever.

Remember, the condition of your heart is always reflected by where you store up your wealth.


 (129) Luke 12:22-34