We Don’t Know When, But We Do Know Where

Some Pharisees came to Jesus & asked him when the kingdom of God would be established in the world (150). His answer was, “The kingdom of God won’t be established in the world. The kingdom of God can only be established within your hearts.”

Kingdom of God

Then Jesus said to his students, “The time will come when you will wish you could physically re-live these days we’ve spent together, but you won’t be able to do that. Some will even say to you, ‘Look, Jesus is over there! Look, Jesus is over here!’ But don’t believe them.

“When I do return to this earth, everyone will know it, just as everyone sees lightning flash across the sky & light it up from one side to the other.


“But before that day, I must suffer much & be rejected by the people of this day.

“The time of my return will come unexpectedly, as the flood came in the time of Noah; everybody kept on eating & drinking, and men & women married, right up to the very day when Noah & his family went into the ark.  Then God released the flood & killed everyone else on earth.

“Or you can look at this way.  The time of my return will come as unexpectedly as it was in the time of Lot. Everybody kept on eating & drinking, buying & selling, planting & building. But on the day Lot left the city of Sodom, God rained fire & sulfur down from heaven & killed all the remaining residents of that city.

“At the time of my return, a man who is outside his house – on the roof or in the field — must not go back into his house, even for a minute. Remember Lot’s wife!

“If you try to save your physical life on earth, you will lose your spiritual life in heaven.  But if you will lose your physical life on earth for me, you will save your spiritual life in heaven forever.

“So, at the time of my return, two people may be sleeping in the same bed.  Because of their choices regarding physical life & spiritual life, only one will be taken to heaven, while the other will be left behind.

“In the same way, two women may be grinding meal together; only one will be taken to heaven, while the other will be left behind. Or two men may be working in the field; only one will be taken to heaven, while the other will be left behind.”

His students asked him, “Where will this happen, Master?”


Jesus answered, “Everywhere, in the same way that vultures gather over dead bodies everywhere they find them.”


(150) Luke 17:20-37