Just Faith

Then Jesus told his students a story to teach them that they should pray persistently & never become discouraged (151).

“Once there was a certain judge, who had no respect for God or for any man.  There was also a widow in his town whose rights had been violated in a particular dispute.  She kept coming to the judge, pleading for her rights & saying, ‘Help me against my opponent!’

unjust judge

“For a long time this judge tried to ignore her.  But at last he said to himself: ‘I’d better make sure this woman gets her rights. Otherwise, she’ll pester me to death!'”

Jesus continued, “If an unjust judge will do that, isn’t it all the more certain that our good God will answer prayers for the good of his people?  If you pray persistently for his help, God will not be slow to help you; he will answer for your good & he will do it quickly.

prayer ten boom

“But when I return to this earth, will I find any people who have that kind of faith in God?”


(151) Luke 18:1-8