Before And After The Needle

Jesus’ students were flabbergasted (156).  They began asking who could possibly be assured of salvation from hell, if not the rich.

Jesus looked directly at each of them and answered, “It’s impossible for any man to save himself, but it’s not impossible for God.  Everything is possible for God!”

Then Peter spoke up, “Look, Master, we have left all our worldly wealth & followed you. What will we receive in heaven?”

Jesus said in response, “When I sit on my glorious throne in heaven, then you twelve witnesses will also sit on thrones, and the examples of your lives will become the standard for the twelve tribes of Israel.

“Everyone who has left worldly wealth or family, for my sake & for the sake of the good news about God’s kingdom, will receive a hundred times more in this age – of homes & families & possessions.  But in this life he will receive persecutions as well.


“In the age to come, however, he will receive life which continues forever, even beyond physical death.


“So you, who many thought would be last in line to enter heaven, will actually be first.  And those people, who should have been first in line to enter heaven, will end up being last.”


(156) Matthew 19:25-30, Mark 10:24-31, Luke 18:26-30