Clean Outside, Dirty Inside

Then Jesus addressed the teachers of the law & the Pharisees directly (172).

“You oppose God when you shut the door to the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces.  Instead of guiding people into relationship with God, you actually keep them out of relationship with God.

“You oppose God when you insist on receiving offerings from poor widows, cloaking your demands in long prayers.

“You oppose God when you instruct new believers to imitate yourselves, instead of instructing them to imitate God.

“You oppose God when you encourage people to focus on religious rituals, instead of encouraging them to focus on God.


“You oppose God when you offer Him one tenth of little things, like seasoning herbs, but neglect to offer Him any of the really important things, like justice & mercy & honesty. It’s like you’re straining a fly out of your drink, while you’re swallowing a camel!

“You should give to God one tenth of all you have.  But you should also never forget to be just & merciful & honest in your relationships with other people.

“You oppose God when you make sure your cups & plates are clean, while your hearts are full of violence & selfishness.


“Don’t be so blind; clean the inside first, and then the outside will be really clean.”


(172) Matthew 23:13-26, Mark 12:38-40, Luke 20:45-47