How Jerusalem Can See God

In Jerusalem, Jesus continued addressing the teachers of the law & the Pharisees directly (173).

“Listen!  This is a big deal!  You are actually opposing God!  On the outside, a freshly whitewashed tomb looks really clean, but you know that the inside of any tomb is full of bones & decaying corpses.


“In the same way, you look really good on the outside, but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy & sins!

“You also oppose God when you make fine tombs for the prophets & decorate the monuments of men who lived good lives.  You claim that you would never have killed those prophets & good men, as your evil ancestors did.

“But if you’re holding on so tightly to the leadership positions you inherited from such evil ancestors, how do you expect to escape from being condemned to hell?

“God will keep on sending you prophets & wise men & teachers.  You will keep on killing them.  As a result, the punishment for the murder of all the innocent men of God, from Abel to Zechariah, will fall on you!”

So that everyone could hear, Jesus concluded by lamenting: “Jerusalem, Jerusalem! You kill the prophets & stone the messengers God has sent you. How many times I wanted to put my arms around all the people of your great city, just as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings — but you wouldn’t let me!


“And so the temple in Jerusalem will be abandoned by God.

“And the people of Jerusalem will never see God, until they acknowledge that I have been sent from God.”


(173) Matthew 23:27-39