The Signal

Jesus continued teaching a few of his chosen witnesses about the end of this age (176).

 “Eventually, though, the end of this age will come. The signal will be when you see the ‘abomination of desolation’ established in the temple itself, as Daniel was inspired to prophesy hundreds of years ago.


“Then, those believers who are in Judea must run away to the hills:

  • If a man is on the roof of his house, he must not take the time to go down & get his belongings from the house.
  • If a man is working in the field, he must not go back to get his cloak.
  • It will be especially terrible for women who are pregnant & for mothers with little babies.
  • You may even have to run for your lives during the winter or on a Sabbath day, God forbid.

“But whenever the signal is seen, you have to leave; you have to head for the hills.

“The days of God’s vengeance, foretold in the inspired scriptures, will come upon Jerusalem as hostile armies surround her.  And the troubles of that time will be far more terrible than any other troubles since the beginning of time.

“However, for the sake of his chosen people, God has already limited the time of those troubles; otherwise, nobody would survive.

“Even then — if anyone says to you, ‘Look, Jesus is over there!’ or ‘Look, Jesus is over here!’ — do not believe him. False Messiahs & false prophets will appear; they will even perform great miracles & wonders; they will try to deceive God’s chosen people. Some may even say, ‘Look, Jesus is out in the desert!’ or ‘Look, Jesus is hiding here!’  But don’t believe it . . .”



(176) Matthew 24:15-26, Mark 13:14-23, Luke 21:20-24