. . . Ready Or Not!

Jesus then repeated some earlier illustrations to emphasize the importance of staying ready for his return (178).

“Consider this situation.  If a homeowner knew the exact time when a thief would come to break in, you know he would stay awake to protect his house.


“In the same way, you must always be ready for my return, because I will come at an hour when you are not expecting me.

“Here’s another situation.  Say one servant has been placed in charge of his master’s house & his household servants, while the master is away on business.   If the master returns from his trip & finds that his servant has done all as ordered, he will consider that servant faithful & wise.  In fact, the master will probably promote that servant to be in charge of all his property.

good servant

“On the other hand, if the servant thinks his master won’t come back for a long time, and if he beats his fellow servants & spends all his time with drunkards, then things will turn out differently.  The master will come back one day when the servant doesn’t expect him.  Then the master will torture that servant & throw him out with the other hypocrites, where he will end up grinding his teeth in perpetual pain.

bad servant

“Again, you have to stay ready, because you cannot know exactly when I will come back.”

During these last few days, many people came to the temple every morning to hear Jesus teach.  Each evening he would leave the temple & spend the night on the Mount of Olives.


(178) Matthew 24:45-51, Mark 13:34-37, Luke 21:37-38