The Readiness Is All

Jesus told a story to continue emphasizing the supreme importance of believers being ready for his return from heaven to the earth (179).

“Once there were ten young women who went to a wedding reception.  Five of them were foolish, and the other five were wise. The foolish ones took their oil lamps, but they didn’t take any extra oil with them; the wise ones took their oil lamps and extra oil.

wedding 1

“The bridegroom was late in coming, so the young women all took a nap. At midnight, it was announced that the bridegroom was almost there.  The ten young women woke up & grabbed their lamps, but the foolish ones were out of oil.  They said to the wise ones, ‘Let us have some of your oil, because we’re out.’ ‘No’ the wise ones answered, ‘there’s not enough for all of us. You’ll have to go & buy some more oil for your lamps.’

“While the foolish young women were gone to buy more oil, the bridegroom finally arrived. The five young women who were ready were admitted to the wedding feast with the bridegroom, and the door was closed.

wedding 2

“When the other young women returned from buying more oil, they cried out to be admitted to the wedding feast, too. But they were refused admission by the bridegroom, who said, ‘You may not come in, because I don’t know you.'”

wedding 3

Jesus concluded his story with the familiar warning: “Always be ready, because you don’t know the day or the hour of my return.”


(179) Matthew 25:1-13