The Way: Love Each Other

In the confusion following the departure of Judas, the students became distracted & began to debate which among them would be thought of as the greatest (189).

In reply, Jesus emphasized an important point that he had taught them before.  “You know that worldly leaders exercise power & authority, always claiming to act in the people’s best interest.  But this is not the way I intend for you to lead people to God. If you want to lead people to God, you must serve them just as I have served you.

“You have stayed with me through all my trials.  And we will share this meal again in heaven.  But now it is time for God’s glory to be revealed on earth through me.  As God has given me the right to rule, so I will give you the same right. Your lives will become rules of righteousness  for the twelve tribes of Israel.

“I cannot stay here with you very much longer. I must go, and you cannot yet go where I am going. So I give you this new commandment: love each other. In the same way I have loved you, you must love each other.

Love One Another

“When people see you loving each other, that’s how they’ll know that you’re my witnesses.”



(189) Luke 22:24-30, John 13:31-35