The Way: The Power Of The Spirit

Jesus began teaching the eleven remaining witnesses about the ministry of the Holy Spirit (192).

“The words that I have spoken to you don’t come from me. My words & my works come from the power of God, who lives in me.  Please believe the words that God is telling you through me, and please believe the works that God is doing through me.

“If you believe in me, God will work through you, too.  In fact, after I have returned to God, God will do even more works through you. In order to bring glory to God, I will cause to be done any works that you ask God to do through you.

“If you love me, do what I’ve taught you. To give you power do what you’ve been taught, I will ask God to send you the Holy Spirit.


“The Spirit will stay with you always; he will always reveal to you the truth about God.

“The world cannot receive the Holy Spirit of God, because the world doesn’t know God.  But you already know God’s Holy Spirit, because he is always with you, and he is now living in you.  So when I have gone, you will not be left alone.  And then, at the right time, I will come back to you.

“Even though the world will not have any connection with me after I’ve gone, you will always be connected to me.  My life continues, so you will continue to have life in me, even after I’ve gone. When the day of my departure comes, you will realize that I am always in God. You will also realize that I am always in you, and that you are always in me.

“Actually doing the things I have taught you is how you will show your love for me.


“God will love anyone who shows love for me by what they do.  In the same way, I will also love that person & reveal myself to him.”


(192) John 14:15-21