From Sorrow To Joy

Jesus continued preparing his friends for his impending execution (198).

“In a little while you will not see me anymore, but then a little while later you will see me again.” Some of his friends did not understand this at all.

But Jesus understood that his friends wanted to understand, so he said to them, “When I leave, you will be very sad, but the world will be glad.  However, your sadness will soon become gladness. This is what I mean:

“When a woman is about to give birth, she is sad because her hour of suffering has come.


“But when the baby is born, she forgets her suffering, because she is happy that her baby has been born into the world.


“In the same way, now you are sad, but when you see me again your hearts will be filled with joy, the kind of joy that no one can ever take away from you!

“When that day comes, you will no longer ask me for anything. God himself will give you whatever you ask him — in order for you to serve him like me.

“Until now you haven’t asked him for anything.  But soon you will ask for & receive from God whatever you need in order to serve him like me.

“This continuing, direct connection with God will make your joy complete.”


(198)  John 16:16-24