Jesus went with the remaining chosen witnesses to a garden called Gethsemane (203).  “Sit here while I go over there & pray,” he said to them.

Then Jesus took Peter, James & John as he went farther on into the garden. Grief & anguish came over him; he told these three, “The sorrow in my heart is so great that it almost crushes me. Stay here, but please keep watch with me.”

Jesus went a little farther on before throwing himself down on the ground & praying, “O God, if it is possible, please take this cup of suffering from me. Yet what I want most is for your will to be done.”

agony 1

When he returned to Peter, James & John, he found them asleep.  So Jesus said to Peter, “How is it that you three were not able to keep watch with me for just one hour? Keep watch & pray — so that you will not fall into temptation. I know your spirit is willing, but your flesh is weak.”

Once more Jesus went away & prayed, “O God, if this cup of suffering cannot be taken away, if I must drink it, then I will do as you want.”

Jesus returned once more and again found his three closest friends fast asleep.  They felt badly that they couldn’t keep their eyes open, but they just didn’t know what to say to him.

Jesus went away & prayed the third time as he had before.  Then an angel from heaven appeared to Jesus & strengthened him. In great agony he began to pray even more fervently; his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.

agony 2

When he had finished praying, Jesus returned to his friends & said, “Are you still sleeping?  Wake up! The hour has come for me to be handed over to the authorities.  Here comes the man who is betraying me.”


(203) Matthew 26:36-46, Mark 14:32-42, Luke 22:40-46