Servants Of Jesus

For forty days after his execution & resurrection, Jesus appeared to his closest friends many times (223) — in ways that proved beyond doubt that he really was alive! They saw him, and he talked with them about the kingdom of God.

One time in Jerusalem, Jesus suddenly appeared to the eleven remaining chosen witnesses as they were eating in a locked room! He encouraged them to have faith & to believe the reports of other people who had also seen him alive.

Then Jesus gave them this job: “Go throughout the whole world & preach the good news about God to all mankind. Whoever trusts in me — and begins obeying what I have taught by being baptized — will be saved.  Whoever does not trust & obey will be condemned.


Jesus continued, “Some believers will be given the power to do amazing miracles because of their close relationship with me:

  • They will expel evil spirits from people.
  • They will be able speak in languages they have never learned.
  • If they pick up snakes or accidentally drink any poison, they won’t be harmed.
  • They will lay their hands on sick people, who will get well.”



(223) Mark 16:14-18, Acts 1:2b-3