Birth Of The Body

Many, many people in the crowd believed Peter’s message that day (231).  About 3,000 of them were baptized & became members of the body of Christ.


Thereafter, they would spend their time together in various ways:

  • Learning from the 12 witnesses — who taught the true understanding of the inspired scriptures, just as Jesus had taught them.
  • Taking part in fellowship with one another – whereby each member & the entire body celebrated the leading of the Spirit in their lives.
  • Sharing in fellowship meals — remembering that Jesus taught them to sacrifice their bodies & pour out their blood for the advancement of God’s kingdom, just as he had done.
  • Praying together – the better to agree in their requests to God, and the better to understand God’s answers to those requests.


Miracles & wonders were being done through the witnesses, and everyone was filled with awe.

The fellowship of the believers was so close that they freely shared their belongings with one another. Some actually sold all their property & possessions, and distributed the proceeds to other believers who were in need.

Day after day, they met as a group in the temple & continued in these disciplines of faith.

Day after day, they shared meals in their homes, with glad hearts, humbly praising God.

So evident was their love for one another that they enjoyed the good will of all the people.

And day after day, God added to the body more & more people who were being saved from self-destruction.


(231) Acts 2:41-47