Peter & John were still speaking with the people when some priests, an officer of the temple guards, & some Sadducees arrived (234).

The Sadducees were annoyed because the two witnesses were teaching that Jesus had risen from death, proving that the dead actually do rise to life. Because the Sadducees opposed the idea of resurrection, they had Peter & John arrested & put in jail overnight.


Despite this, many who heard the message of Peter & John believed in Jesus.  As a result the number of members of the body grew to about five thousand!

The next day, Jewish leaders, elders & teachers of the law gathered in Jerusalem to meet with the High Priest, Annas, and with Caiaphas, John, Alexander & other members of the High Priest’s family.

Peter & John were brought to stand before this tribunal & they were interrogated: “How did you heal this lame beggar? What power do you have? Whose name did you use?”


Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, answered them, “Leaders of the people & elders, this man stands here, completely healed, through the power of the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth — whom you put to death & whom God raised from death. Jesus is the one of whom the inspired scriptures say, ‘The stone that you builders despised turned out to be the most important stone of all.’  Salvation is only to be found through Jesus!  God has provided no other way for all of us to be saved.”

The members of the council were amazed to see the boldness of Peter & John, particularly since they had no formal religious education. They realized then that Peter & John were personal friends of Jesus.

And they had no comeback, because they saw the man who had been healed, standing there with Peter & John!


(234) Acts 4:1-14