Stephen’s Message: Joseph

Stephen continued addressing the council of Jewish elders (244).

“In time, Jacob’s ten older sons became jealous of their younger brother Joseph & secretly sold him to be a slave in Egypt.


“But God was with Joseph and brought him safely through all his troubles.

“When Joseph appeared before the king of Egypt, God gave Joseph a pleasing manner & wisdom, so that the king made Joseph governor over the entire country & the royal household.

“Then there was a famine all over Egypt & Israel, and our ancestors could not find any food.  When Jacob heard that there was food in Egypt, he sent his ten older sons, our ancestors, on their first visit there.  On their second visit, Joseph made himself known to his brothers, and the king of Egypt came to know about Joseph’s family.

“Joseph sent a message to his father Jacob, telling him & his whole family, 75 people in all, to come to Egypt.


“So Jacob moved to Egypt, where he and his sons lived the rest of their lives.  When they died their bodies were taken back to Israel, where they were buried in the burial place originally established by Abraham.”


(244) Acts 7:9-16