Stephen’s Message: Moses (Prince)

Stephen continued addressing the council of Jewish elders (245).

“When the time drew near for God to keep the promise he had made to Abraham, the number of our people in Egypt had grown much, much larger.  At that time, a king who had not known Joseph began to rule in Egypt. This king was cruel, forcing our ancestors to kill their baby boys.

“Also at that time, Moses was born, a very beautiful child. He was cared for at home for three months, and then the king’s daughter adopted him & brought him up as her own son.

Moses 1

“Moses was taught all the wisdom of the Egyptians and became a man great in words and deeds.

“When Moses was 40 years old, he saw one of his fellow Israelites being beaten by an Egyptian.

Moses 2

“Moses took revenge on the Egyptian by killing him! He thought that surely his own people would understand that God was going to use him to set them free, but they did not understand.

“The very next day, Moses saw two Israelites fighting, and he tried to make peace between them.  ‘Listen, men,’ he said, ‘you are fellow Israelites; why are you fighting like this?’  But one of them pushed Moses aside. ‘Who made you ruler & judge over us?’ he asked. ‘Do you want to kill me, just as you killed that Egyptian yesterday?’

“When Moses heard this, he knew he had to flee from Egypt, or face execution by the king for killing the Egyptian guard.  So Moses went to live in Saudi Arabia, where he married & had two sons.”


(245) Acts 7:17-29

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