Stephen’s Message: Accusation

Stephen concluded addressing the council of Jewish elders (247).

“Nevertheless, our ancestors had the tent of God’s presence with them in the desert. It had been made according to the pattern that Moses had been shown by God.

“After Moses died, our ancestors carried this tent with them, as Joshua led their successful invasion of the promised land.  The tent stayed among the people of Israel until the time of King David.

“David asked God to allow him to replace the tent with a temple for the God of Israel. But God had planned for David’s son Solomon to build him the temple.


“However, we know that God does not live in temples built by men.  A prophet wrote that God once said: ‘Heaven is my throne & the earth is my footstool. What kind of temple could you possibly build for me?  Did not I myself make all things?'”

Suddenly, Stephen was moved by the Holy Spirit to accuse the religious leaders of Israel. “How stubborn you are!  How deaf you are to God’s message! You are just like your stubborn ancestors.  You also resist the Holy Spirit of God.

“Was there any prophet that your ancestors didn’t persecute? They killed all God’s messengers, including the ones who long ago announced the coming of his servant Jesus. And now you have betrayed & murdered Jesus, too!


“You have received the inspired scriptures from God, yet you have refused to obey them!”


(247) Acts 7:44-53