What Peter Saw

While Peter was pondering his vision, the men from Cornelius arrived & asked for him (256).  At that moment, the Holy Spirit assured Peter about the three men: “Get up & go with them, for I have sent them to you.”

So Peter went down and asked the men why they had come; they replied: “Cornelius, a just man who fears God & has a good reputation among all the Jews, was divinely instructed by a holy angel — to summon you to his house, to hear the words of God from you.”


Peter invited the three men in to stay the night.  In the morning Peter went with them to Caesarea, accompanied by six Jewish Christians from Joppa.  When they arrived in Caesarea, Cornelius was waiting for them, together with many of his relatives & close friends.

As Peter entered his house, Cornelius fell down at his feet & began to worship him! But Peter told him: “Stand up; I am also just a man.”

Then Peter went in & addressed the entire gathering: “You know it is against God’s law for a Jewish man like me to associate with Gentiles like you.  But God has made me see that I should not think of any man as unclean. Now, please tell me why you called me.”

Cornelius replied: “Four days ago I was fasting & praying in my house at 3:00 PM.  Suddenly, a man stood before me in very bright clothing & said, ‘Your prayers & your generosity have been remembered by God.  Send to Joppa for Peter; he is living with Simon, a tanner, in his house by the sea. Peter will tell you what you must do.’


“So I sent for you immediately, and I’m glad you have come.  Now we are all present before God, ready to hear God’s words from you.”

God, please help me love the enduring cleanness of Your creation.

(256) Acts 10:17-33