God’s Punishment For Herod

When morning came, there was a tremendous confusion among the jail guards because Peter was missing (261)!

Then Herod had the guards questioned.  When they had no answer as to Peter’s whereabouts, Herod had them put to death.


After this, Herod left Jerusalem and went to spend some time in the city of Caesarea. He had been angered by the people of Tyre & Sidon, which were seaport cities north of Caesarea.

Numerous representatives of Tyre & Sidon came to Herod to make up, because they depended on Herod for their food supplies.  They even persuaded Blastus, the man in charge of Herod’s palace, to help them. Eventually they were given an audience with Herod, in order to ask him for peace.

On the day chosen for their audience, Herod put on his royal robes, sat on his throne, and began making a speech. The people from Tyre & Sidon responded by shouting: “This isn’t a man speaking, but a god!”

Herod was pleased to receive this honor for himself; it never occurred to him to give the honor to God.

Suddenly, as he was still speaking, Herod was struck dead by an angel of God!


Subsequently, his body was eaten by worms.

God, please help me to love giving You glory.

(261) Acts 12:18-23