The Holy Spirit Strengthens The Church

The church at Jerusalem chose two men who were highly respected by the believers — Judas (also called Barsabbas) & Silas — and they sent them back to Syrian Antioch with Paul & Barnabas (272).  The four witnesses took the following letter:

We, the witnesses & the elders in Jerusalem, send greetings to all our Gentile brothers in Antioch, Syria, & Cilicia. We have heard that some men who claimed to represent us have troubled you by what they said. However, they were not acting with our authority.

 Now we have met together & have agreed to send these two messengers to you. They come with our dear friends Barnabas & Paul, who have risked their lives in the service of our master Jesus Christ. Judas & Silas will tell you in person the same things we are writing.

The Holy Spirit has shown us that we must put no other burden on you, except for these few: do not eat leftover food that has been offered to false gods, do not eat any animal blood , and do not indulge in any sexual immorality. You will do well if you obey these rules.

When the messengers arrived in Syrian Antioch, they gathered the whole group of believers & read them the letter. And when the believers heard it, they were filled with joy by this message of encouragement.


Judas & Silas, who were themselves prophets, spoke a long time with church members in Syrian Antioch, giving them courage & strength.

Eventually, Judas & some companions were sent off in peace by the believers & they returned to Jerusalem.  However, Silas remained in Syrian Antioch with Paul & Barnabas.  Together, with many others, they continued teaching & preaching the word of the God throughout that region.


God, please help me to love being Your witness wherever I go.

(272) Acts 15:22-35