From Asia To Europe

At first, Paul, Timothy & Silas confined their travels to Galatia, because the Holy Spirit didn’t let them preach the message anywhere in western Turkey, or in the region of Bithynia in northern Turkey (275).

But then the Spirit made a way for them to travel between these two regions — to the port city of Troas in northwestern Turkey.  There they were joined by Luke — a physician who followed Jesus Christ & who subsequently recorded the acts of the Holy Spirit in growing the early church.

On the very night they arrived in Troas, the Holy Spirit gave Paul a vision — in which he saw a man standing in Macedonia in northern Greece & begging him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us!”


As soon as Paul had this vision, Luke would later write, they all got ready to leave for Greece, because they were sure God had called them to preach the good news about Jesus to the people there.

The party left by ship from Troas & sailed along the north coast of the Aegean Sea to the port of Samothrace, and the next day to the port of Neapolis. From there they went inland to Philippi, a city of Macedonia in northern Greece, which was then a Roman colony.

On the Sabbath they went outside the city to the river, seeking the place where Jews gathered for prayer. They met some women there, including Lydia (from Thyatira in Turkey), who was a well-to-do merchant of purple cloth.

Lydia worshiped God.  The Holy Spirit opened her mind to believe what Paul was saying about Jesus!  As a demonstration of their belief, Lydia & her friends were baptized.


Then Lydia invited the little band of missionaries to stay in her house as long as they were in Philippi.

God, please help me to love the dreams You send me.

(275) Acts 16:6-15