Jason: A Thessalonian Friend

The Holy Spirit led Paul & Silas to travel from Philippi to the Greek city of Thessalonika, where there was a synagogue (279).

Paul taught there for three Sabbaths, explaining the inspired scriptures in the light of Jesus.  He proved from the scriptures that the Messiah had to be killed & rise from death.  Paul insisted that Jesus was the promised Messiah.

Some of the Thessalonians were convinced and joined Paul & Silas; so did many of the leading women of the city & many other Greeks who had become believing Jews.


But the unbelieving Jews were jealous & offended by Paul’s ministry.  They recruited some worthless loafers from the streets & formed a mob – which began immediately to set the whole city in an uproar!

This mob broke into the home of a friend of Paul & Silas, a man named Jason.  Their aim was to punish Paul & Silas, but when they couldn’t find them, they dragged Jason & some other believers before the city authorities.


“These outsiders have caused trouble everywhere! Now they have come to our city, and Jason has harbored them in his house,” they shouted. “They are all breaking the laws of the Emperor, saying that there is another king, whose name is Jesus!”

Because of these charges, the Thessalonian city authorities were drawn into the uproar.  They ordered Jason & his companions to pay a fine, but then they released them from custody!


God, please help me to love being a friend to Your servants.

(279) Acts 17:1-9