On To Berea & Athens

As soon as night came, the Thessalonian believers sent Paul & Silas on to the Greek city of Berea (280).  When they arrived, they went to the local Jewish synagogue, as usual.

The people in Berea were more open-minded than the people in Thessalonika. The Holy Spirit prompted them to listen eagerly to Paul’s messages.


Every day they studied the inspired scriptures to see if what Paul said about Jesus was really true.  Many of them believed – including many Greek women of social standing & many Greek men of the city.

But when the unbelieving Jews in Thessalonika heard that Paul had preached the word of God in Berea also, they came there & again stirred up a mob. For his protection, the believers sent Paul away to the coast, while Silas & Timothy remained in Berea to care for the new church.

Paul’s escorts took him on to Athens.  Then they returned to Berea with instructions for Silas & Timothy to join Paul as soon as possible.

While Paul waited for them in Athens, he noticed how full of idols that city was.


So he began teaching the good news of God’s kingdom in the synagogue — to the Jews & converted Gentiles who worshiped God.

But Paul also spent time in the public square every day, proclaiming Jesus to any people who happened to come by.

God, please help me to love telling people about You.

(280) Acts 17:10-17