After spending some time in Syrian Antioch, Paul set out on his third mission trip, when he was about 50 years old (287).  He began by making a lengthy journey through the eastern Turkish regions of Galatia & Phrygia, strengthening the believers in the new churches there.

Paul may have worked with Epaphras at this time, serving churches in the Lycus River valley, particularly in the Turkish city of Colosse.


While Paul was on this journey, Apollos came to Ephesus in western Turkey.  He was a Jew who believed that Jesus was God’s Messiah; he was also an eloquent speaker who had a thorough knowledge of the inspired scriptures.  He taught in the synagogue about Jesus with great boldness & enthusiasm.

But at that time Apollos knew only the water baptism of John. When Aquila & Priscilla heard him, they took him home & got to know him, and they explained to him the Spirit baptism of Jesus.


Quite possibly, Apollos was filled with the Holy Spirit at this time, and fully surrendered his life & ministry to the Spirit’s leading.

Eventually, Apollos was called by God to go to Greece, and he was obedient to that call.  The Ephesian believers wrote to the Greek believers, urging them to welcome Apollos.  This they did, so that Apollos was provided an open door to help the church in Greece.  With his strong arguments, Apollos overcame the unbelieving Jews in public debates, proving from the inspired scriptures that Jesus is the promised Messiah.

God, please help me to love learning more & more about You.

(287) Acts 18:23-28