Toward Jerusalem

After these good-byes, Paul’s party left Miletus (300). They sailed south and then turned east, sailing along Turkey’s southern coast.  Then they turned southeast, sailing past Cyprus and on to Syria.

The ship docked temporarily at Tyre & Paul’s party went ashore; they found some believers & stayed with them for a week. The Spirit prompted these believers to urge Paul not to go to Jerusalem, but Paul was not prompted in that way. When their time together was over, all of them went out of the city to the beach, where they all knelt & prayed. When they had said good-bye to one another, Paul’s party re-boarded their ship & the local believers returned to Tyre.

Then Paul’s party continued their voyage, sailing from Tyre down to Ptolemais.  There they met the local believers & stayed with them for a day.

Next day, Paul’s party went on to Caesarea. They stayed at the house of Philip the evangelist, one of the seven men who had been chosen as helpers in the Jerusalem church. Philip had four unmarried daughters who proclaimed God’s message.

4 girls

Several days later, a prophet named Agabus arrived from Judea. He took Paul’s belt, tied up his own feet & hands with it, and said, “This is what the Holy Spirit says: The owner of this belt will be tied up in this way by the unbelieving Jews in Jerusalem, and they will hand him over to the Gentiles.”


Upon hearing this, Paul’s friends begged him not to go to Jerusalem. But Paul said, “Why are you crying like this & breaking my heart? I am ready not only to be tied up in Jerusalem, but even to die there for the sake of my master, Jesus.”

When his friends saw that they could not convince him, they relented and said, “May God’s will be done.”

After spending some time in Caesarea, Paul’s party left for Jerusalem. Some followers of Jesus from Caesarea also went along, to guide Paul’s party to the home of their host in Jerusalem – a man named Mnason, from Cyprus, who had been a believer since the early days.


Paul was approaching 55 years of age by this time.

God, please help me to love facing any trouble with You.

(300) Acts 21:1-16