Paul Welcomed In Jerusalem

Paul & his friends were welcomed gladly by the church in Jerusalem (301).  On the day after their arrival, Paul reported to James & the other elders.  He told of all that God had done among the Gentiles in Turkey & Greece, as he & his companions had shared the good news about Jesus there.


At the conclusion of Paul’s report, the entire assembly gave the glory to God.

Then the elders told Paul, “Here in Jerusalem, we have many Jews who have professed faith in Jesus, but who also remain zealous adherents of the law of Moses.  They have heard that you teach the new churches not to be so zealous for the law of Moses — specifically not to circumcise their children or follow other customs handed down by Moses. When they learn that you have come to Jerusalem, they certainly will demand a meeting to challenge your ministry.   We think you can defuse their concerns in this way.

“Four men from our fellowship are completing a period of fasting & praying to God.  It is time for them to make the traditional sacrifices to God & to have their heads shaved.  If you will cover the costs of their sacrifices, and if you will have your head shaved with them, then the Christians of Jewish descent here in Jerusalem will see that you still honor the law of Moses.

“But this won’t change our prior decisions concerning Christians of Gentile descent.  They will remain under no obligation to keep all the law of Moses.  Instead, as we have previously decided, all they need to do are these few things: to eat no food that has been offered to idols, to eat no blood, to eat no animal that has been strangled, and to abstain from sexual immorality.”


The Holy Spirit prompted Paul to agree, and on the next day he began to comply with the plan of the Jerusalem elders.

God, please help me to love hearing You through other people.

(301) Acts 21:17-26